Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Town HallHere is a photo to satisfy a reader’s request for a picture of a horse trough which used to be in Queen Street and near the Town Hall. The picture is dated 1970 and in the background is the Westminster Bank (now NatWest), 5 Queen Street, on a corner of Market Street.

The trough was spirited away some time ago and is thought to be at Bodrhyddan Hall near Rhuddlan. The photo is from a community photographic archive produced by Rhyl History Club.

Readers have requested pictures of Dom Bierkeller and Dixieland Showbar in West Parade, Cramer’s Sporting Club and The Shoemakers pub in Vale Road, Derbyshire Miners' camp in Marsh Road, and I could go on. Soccer fans please note we could do with some Rhyl Football Club pictures.

Please send by email to: rhyl.colin.jones@live.co.uk

Diana Davies [née Nicholas] who lives in Canada writes: My father worked at the Westminster Bank shown in the picture. In the 1930s or possibly late 1920s when Dad was a Junior there, the Juniors from local banks would meet every morning, near the horse trough, to exchange the local cheques. It was known by the banks as The Local Clearing. One of these chaps irritated the others (perhaps he thought himself a bit superior) so when he was being transferred out of Rhyl, on his last day at the Local Clearing, the other lads got hold of him and dumped him in that very horse trough!

SAT 18th APR 2015 UPDATE: A note in the files of the late Glyn Rees confirms that the horse trough was removed in January 1973 and taken to Bodrhyddan Hall.