Friday, 2 October 2009


Ex-Rhylite Geoff Banks who lives in a village near Bangor, Gwynedd, has sent this picture which was taken at Glyndwr Secondary Modern School, Ernest Street (the building is now Christchurch School).

Geoff says that the photo must be a 1958 picture of Form 4N, and he remembers most of the faces but not many of the names. If you call the front row the 1st row, Geoff is in the 3rd row, at the end on the right. He was called Hughie in those days.

The adults in the front row are form teacher Mr. D.A. Parry, B.A. (left) and he is sitting next to headmaster Matthew H. Jones who was nicknamed “Snowball” because of his white hair. Mr. Jones usually wore a cap a gown; he must have been slumming on this occasion.

Geoff went on to do an apprenticeship at de Havilland in Broughton, now British Aerospace, and he is promising to send more Rhyl pictures soon.


SUN 21st FEB 2010 UPDATE: Mrs. Sandra Williams says, “My brother Michael Roose in sitting in the front, on the floor, 3rd from left. He took cookery at school which was unusual in those days then went on to serve in Royal Navy as a Chef. In 1966 Michael made my wedding cake whilst on board ship. The 3 tiers were made in different countries and iced when he came on leave to Rhyl. After leaving the Navy, Michael settled in Mostyn but later returned to live in Rhyl. He passed away in February 2008 aged 63 years.”