Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Now for another unexpected gem from files of the late Glyn Rees. It is a copy of an item from Rhyl Leader newspaper dated 18th March 1961:

This serves as a reminder of how many trade organisations and public competitions there used to be. It was an event by Rhyl And District Branch of The National Hairdressers' Federation at Rhyl Town Hall. It was for apprentices; there were 19 of 'em including one boy.

Pictured above are the winners. Standing far left is third-prize winner Pauline Roberts of Bodelwyddan, an apprentice at Reginald's, Rhyl. Sitting in front of Pauline is her model Mrs. Mavis Griffiths.

Standing in the middle holding her cup is first-prize winner Susan Muff who lived with her grandma in Westfield Road, Rhyl. Susan was aged only 15, an apprentice at The Powder Box, Rhyl. Sitting in front is her model Mrs. Audrey Anzinger.

Standing far right is third-prize winner Angela Libby of Lynwood Drive, Rhyl, with her model Mrs. Barbara Williams. Angela was also an apprentice at The Powder Box, Rhyl, which was above Martins Bank on corner of High Street and Glanglasfor (now Santander).

The Powder Box was a well-established business. It had previously been located elsewhere in High Street since the 1930s, and traded as Frances of Kinmel Street before that.


Jill Williams says:
"I started going to the Powder Box in the 1950s. The entrance in those days was in Glanglasfor and then up steps to the second floor. The lady who ran it at that time was called Miss Olive Rigby.
"When she retired I think it was taken over by Thelma Gwilliam and it moved to Kinmel Street next to the Journal Office.
"When Thelma left it moved to the corner of Elwy Street and was run by Paula and Lynda (can't remember their surnames). Eventually it ceased to exist several years ago."
Jill adds:
“I can remember a few more hairdressers of yesteryear, There was a Mr. Mitchell and Miss Howell who ran a salon down under the bridge past the Odeon Cinema (now Apollo Bingo). There was one in Wellington Road run by Miss Dorothy Coombes, and one in Market Street run by Mr. Jackson.”

The Rhyl hairdresser most often mentioned with praise is Malcolm Connop whose studio was at 51 Water Street. His fans include blog readers Dilys Bagnall, Dorothy Jones, Gaynor Williams and Liz Espley.
Malcolm passed away in 2011. Click on the following link to read tributes:
Come on gents, let's be having your Rhyl barber shop memories!

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Monday, 25 May 2015


Please note that QUIZ QUESTION # 93 contained an unintentional spelling error and has been corrected to read Ffynnongroyw Bridge.


Sunday, 24 May 2015


The above photos were taken this month in Rhyl by Yours Truly.
The question: In what street / road / avenue was I standing?


A - Before the railway, the northern end of Vale Road was known as Lower High Street;

B - Brighton Road was Shipley Street;

C - Church Street was called Westminster Street;

D - Ernest Street was known as New Town;

E - Marsh Road was sometimes known as Tip Lane;

F - The ‘H’ Bridge was known as Ffynnongroyw Bridge;

G - Westbourne Avenue was called Castle Street.

The question: Which TWO of the above statements are false?

You would score a win for getting the photos answer right, and one for each false statement, making a possible total of three wins!!!

You have until the end of Saturday 30th May 2015 to send your entry.
Second tries not accepted.
The result will be published on Sunday 31st May 2015 around Midday.

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Last Sunday I posted the above Rhyl image, 1950s probably, from the collection of the late Glyn Rees. To your right of the scene would be a pub.
The question: What was the name of the pub at that time OR what is its name now?

The pair of buildings is in High Street, and here is the scene earlier this month during road works, and underneath is the pub in question:

So the answer is:The New Inn OR O’Grady’s Irish Bar.
The Great Gareth remembers it also as The Kestrel. It may have had other names too.

On the same day I posted this photo which had a street sign blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name? 

The answer is: Gwynfryn Avenue.

Having both of the answers right and scoring a win are The Great Gareth, Richard & Ceri Swinney, Jane Shuttle, Dilys Bagnall, Dorothy Jones, Sue Handley, and a new player in this series: Robert Scott.

Robert Scott writes, "Another reason for my contacting you is to ask if you or any of your readers have ever heard of 'The Cletty Hotel' in Rhyl.
     "I am aware that there is a Lletty Hotel on Coast Road, Mostyn and realise that my enquirer could have made a transcribing error but he was convinced the Cletty was a Rhyl Hotel."

Who can say something about this?


Thursday, 21 May 2015





Recently Dave Williams sent photos of some memorabilia including - to my surprise - Rhyl hotel cutlery. Among Dave’s other items was this souvenir programme which serves as a reminder of Rhyl resident Carl Gizzi’s career as a boxer: 

The following photo of Carl is from Daily Post:

Carl Gizzi was born in Rhyl. He was a professional boxer from 1964-1971 and won 31 out of his 43 fights. His heavyweight opponents included the American Ray Patterson who was Floyd’s brother, Jack Bodell twice (the programme is from their second contest) and Joe Bugner.

Later on in Rhyl, Carl was a familiar figure with his window cleaning business and as a night club bouncer.

This morning when I enquired of Peter Trehearn, a proprietor of The Bistro club in West Parade, he said, “Funnily enough Carl popped around this morning, he has just turned 71 years of age. Carl was a doorman at The Bistro for at least fifteen years during the 1980's& ‘90's until we closed down in 1999. Lovely bloke.

Lovely unless you were fighting him, I suppose.

Peter threw in the following picture of doormen from Bistro days (left to right): Brian Edwards, Carl Gizzi, John Brookes and John Allan Jones. The three-headed person remains unidentified.

Carl Gizzi's sporting achievements will always be remembered. For instance, his fight against Joe Bugner can be seen in three parts on YouTube starting here:


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


During the General Election some eyebrows were raised at my support for winning candidate Dr. James Davies (shown below in a Daily Post photo). A friend remarked, “What’s an old leftie like you doing supporting a Tory?”

Just for the record I am neither a leftie nor a rightie. In my opinion James was the best candidate, and it was time for the winds of change to blow. For decades the Labour Party has dominated Rhyl and failed to defend the town against unsuitable changes.

When I was born, Clement Attlee (shown below) was Prime Minister. His Labour government established the National Health Service. (The NHS was not exclusively a Labour Party idea, nor was the concept of creating council houses).

Later Labour governments led by Harold Wilson and James Callaghan were short-lived. From 1997 to 2007 we had Tony Blair, the first Labour prime minister to look and sound like a middle-class Conservative, which may have accounted for his electoral success. 

In General Elections I was a Labour voter until Mr. Blair conned us into joining America’s illegal invasion of Iraq, which de-stablilised Arab countries and led to a war that could last a thousand years. 

Then came the Labour government led by Gordon Brown (above) which is too recent to require any comment. Now, having lost the 2015 General Election the Labour Party is casting around for a new leader and possibly a new reason to exist at all.

If the new all-Conservative government continues to work in the interests of ordinary working people, especially the working poor, I would continue to vote Conservative.

And if James Davies MP works to maximise Rhyl's potential as a resort and stop the decline in key residential parts of the town I would continue to support him.



Recently on eBay the following photo was up for sale. It was accompanied by no information. The background does not look like Rhyl.
Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Ex-Ocean Beach Fun Fair worker David Thomas thinks the cargo may be Weston's Paratrooper ride or similar. Does anybody wish to contribute further on this matter?

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