Saturday, 31 October 2009


Further to the post BIG GAME (Sunday, 11 July 2009) which was about Geoff Banks and his brother Glyn in 1950s on the seafront in Rhyl, sitting on what appeared to be a stuffed tiger (I can’t believe I’m writing this . . . ), here is another photo of the tiger.

The photo is from Ken Naughton of Weymouth who says, “My recollection is that the tiger was in West Parade between High Street and either Queen Street or Water Street. A note on the photo indicates 1954. That’s me in the picture, taking a day trip with family. We lived in Northop Hall, Flintshire; later on I lived in Rhyl from 1969-99 with an interval of about three years in the ‘70s.”

Speaking figuratively, Ken – and we speak figuratively a lot here in Rhyl – the noble tiger with its paw caught in a vicious trap, is reduced to being a target for kiddies’ firing practice. Behind the concept lies generations of empire triumphalism and blatant disregard for the value of wildlife.

The photo may provide some clues to help us determine exactly where the tiger was. Some of us will take no rest until we know. Meanwhile my thanks to Ken for sending the picture, and here’s hoping he’ll root around in Weymouth and see what other Rhyl goodies he can find.