Thursday, 29 October 2009


toast rackThe advert above (TOP) is from Rhyl Urban District Council's tourist guide book of 1921. Rhyl & Potteries Motors/Primrose Motor Coaches were based at 14-15 West Parade on a corner of Queen Street, and they were operated partly by the Robins family. In 1933-34 on that site the family built their art deco style cafĂ© – now Les Harker’s Corner Cafe.

The larger of the two sepia images is from Rhyl History Club Community Archive and must have been taken in 1920s or very early ‘30s. It shows a group of passengers having the customary picture taken before a trip (all part of the service).

SAT 30th JAN 2016 UPDATE: Just arrived here at Jones Towers is the following image of a Primrose Motor Coaches trip to Dyserth Falls - with helpful note to the effect that Primrose coaches were yellow. Well I never, thanks Jimmy!

toast rack