Wednesday, 28 October 2009


This Ysgol Llywelyn class photograph was supplied by Gaynor Williams. David Foulds had added the following information:
The picture was taken 1966/67 in Classroom 4. It was Mr. Gwynfor Jones’ class. He was the music teacher and went on to be the head of Ysgol Dewi Sant.

“In the front row far left is Gary Hulson whom I believe to be head teacher at the primary school in Dyserth; his father had a shop in Queens Street, Hulson's the Bakers. Next to him is Tommy Hughes, then David Roberts, then Glyn Hughes (who may also be a head teacher somewhere) and then me, David Foulds.

“To the right of me is Ian Jones, then Derek Oliver who if memory serves was a lifeguard at Rhyl Sun Centre and featured in one of their promotion photographs. The next chap I think is Gary Jones and next to him my best friend the late Gareth Williams (Gaynor’s son). My apologies go to the one far right for not remembering his name.

“In the second row from the front, second from the right is Amanda Kraus and third from right may be Linda Jones.

“In the third row from the front, fifth from the left is Christine Brookes and sixth is Julie Bell; second from the right is Elizabeth Davies. The rest I recognise but can not remember their names so again my apologies to them.

“Going to the back row. On the far left in a dark V-neck top is Martin Jones, next two I don’t know, fourth from the left is Keith Guy. Next to him moving right is Anthony Davies and then Barry Dale. Third from the right is Grenville Roberts who used to work at the sports centre at Rhyl High School and maybe still does. Second from the right is Keith Williams whose father was the caretaker at Rhyl High. Far right is Steven Hulse whose father was an architect.”

My thanks to David for that not inconsiderable feat of memory! Readers please send your Rhyl school pictures by email to: