Thursday, 1 October 2009


May Day was a tremendously popular way of starting the summer season in Rhyl. In 1891 the resort’s first May Queen, Miss Beta Barger, was crowned. In 1897 there were no May Day celebrations because we had Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations instead. Otherwise May Day continued and grew in stature and pulling-power; the processions grew longer and even more elaborate.

Shown above are early Rhyl May Queens. At the top is Miss Chrissie Davies (1915) and the other is Miss Connie Banning (1913). If you have any old or not-very-old pictures of May Queens, May Day processions and events, and memories to share, I’m sure readers would be delighted. Please send by email to:


SUN 25th MAR 2015 UPDATE: Another pair of May Queens: Miss Mabel Edge (1911) followed by Miss Doris Brereton (1914):