Saturday, 17 October 2009


Ocean Beach Fun FairIn 2006 the Ocean Beach Fun Fair site was bought from Rhyl Amusements Ltd by a Manchester-based company Modus Ventures. The proposed plan for the site is shown above and is named Ocean Plaza. Impressive though it looks, it’s still a case of building more flats and shops in a town full of flats and shops.

During the last 3 years, the site has been fenced off and not a lot seems to be going on. Modus Ventures, caught out by the recent banking fiasco and credit crunch, has gone into administration – although that does not mean the work won’t go ahead.

Asda is due on the site next April to open a supermarket there in October 2010. Well maybe, maybe not, no one knows what the economy will look like by then. Meanwhile, this week the derelict Downtown Club and Schooner Inn were demolished – a step forward of sorts.

Note: The proposed Ocean Plaza development was replaced by Marina Quay.

MON 19th OCT 2009 UPDATE: Reader Martyn Daniel has sent an email to say that, despite last week's newspaper reports and picture of Chris Ruane MP wielding a sledgehammer, the Downtown Club and Schooner Inn were still standing when he passed yesterday. Thank you, Martyn.

SAT 21st MAR 2015 UPDATE: A resident reports that early in 2015 a group of volunteers assembled to ‘clean up the west end’. Mr. Ruin turned up, grabbed a broom or whatever, had his photo taken – and then left.