Monday, 19 October 2009


Recently I was taken to task for giving Kinmel Bay short shrift.

Short? Shrift? Me?

I know only a little about Kinmel Bay and could find few pictures. Recently I met Mayor Mariette Roberts of Towyn and Kinmel Bay at an annual general meeting of Benefits Advice Shop in Rhyl and would have enquired about local history but there was no time to talk.

Readers are welcome to send information and pictures relating to Towyn and Kinmel Bay to this site.

MON 30th MAR 2015 UPDATE: The first image below is a postcard of Sunnyvale Camp, Kinmel Bay. It is postmarked 1939, just before World War 2 when the Army took over the camp for The Signallers:

The following is a plan of Sunnyvale Camp, circa 1925:

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

MON 6th JUL 2015 UPDATE: More of Sunnyvale! Here are two postcards from the 1960s:

SUN 31st JAN 2016 UPDATE: Here is a 1930s postcard of Ty-Croes Holiday Camp, Kinmel Bay. Ty-Croes was a farm house; boy scouts, girl guides and holidaymakers used to camp in its fields.

Above: a 1939 card of Kinnmel Bay sandhills with Rhyl in the background.