Saturday, 24 October 2009


This is our first Rhyl Rose Day post.

Whereas May Day started the summer season and May Queens wore white dresses, Rose Day came at the end of the season (August) and Rose Queens wore pink dresses.

Info about Rose Day is proving a little difficult to obtain at present. The event may or may not have been rooted in Alexandra Rose Day a charity fundraising event established in 1912; no one seems sure. A person closely involved with May Day and Rose Day in Rhyl was Madame Lewis who ran a school of dancing (and singing) in Mount Road, off Grange Road.

In the 1950s - and probably quite early in that decade – Rose Day seems to have fallen by the wayside. To keep us mindful of the event until further info comes to hand, here is Rose Queen Miranda 1950. The larger picture is from Rhyl History Club Community Archive.