Thursday, 22 October 2009


film movie advert posterThe Regal photograph in the previous post would be from about 1950; just about discernible are posters for films that were first released in USA in 1949: ‘Bride of Vengeance’ and ‘Streets Of Laredo’. Pictured above, working in the projection room a little later, is young Wally Wright. Wally is alive and well in War Memorial Court, Grange Road, and he is still a fan of films of that particular period.

The Regal closed in December 1962, narrowly failing to complete a quarter of a century. Many picture houses in UK closed in 1960s or were converted to Bingo. The fortunes of the cinema industry have risen and fallen a few times since then. Rhyl’s present cinema, part of the Apollo chain, is on the promenade between the Children’s Village and Skytower.