Friday, 28 August 2009


woodwork classMoira Evans of Russell Road has been a pal of mine for years and I knew she would come in handy for something one day.

Sure enough, Moira has supplied the excellent 1939 picture of her grandad Thomas Bryn Evans – the adult far right – who taught Welsh and woodwork at Emmanuel School which was then a secondary school. His class of lads are displaying handiwork such as first aid boxes, stools and tables, and picture frames.

In those days no girls would be in a woodwork class and no boys in a domestic science (cookery) class. In retrospect that sort of separation seems odd but it remained the status quo until barriers began to fall in 1970s. The colour pic was taken by Yours Truly showing the present Emmanuel School on the same site in Victoria Road (off Vale Road).

These days Emmanuel  is primary school managed by Denbighshire County Council.