Tuesday, 18 August 2009


A few months ago I posted the picture (TOP) of Marine Lake Fun Fair’s ‘The Great Navajo’ aka Parney Warner who was a fortune-teller. He retired from the game in 1939 but continued to operate stalls at the fun fair. Carol Wells of Shaw near Oldham has sent more information. Carol grew up in Rhyl and went to Christ Church School then Rhyl Grammar School.

Carol says, “The Great Navajo was my uncle (the husband of my mum’s sister). I knew him as Vivian Warner. (Parney must have been a nickname – Ed.) I never saw him dressed as an Indian as I wasn't born until 1949. Vivian and his wife Lilian used to stay with us in Rhyl for the summer and then return to Birmingham for the winter. I remember visiting their stall on the walk at the fair and helping there. Vivian died around 1967 and Lilian died in 1997.

She continues, “I'm sending you two photos. One shows the sisters, Lilian (left) and my Mum whose maiden name was Irene Moreton, standing in front of a stall where you'd pull a handkerchief attached to a string and find a prize at the other end. Pictured below working on a stall is my father Tom Humphreys who had five sisters; they were children of Thomas Humphreys an insurance agent who was well known in Rhyl.”