Sunday, 9 August 2009


Not to be confused with the forthcoming Rhyl Masterplan for the refurbishment of some streets west of the town centre, there is regeneration money amounting to about £20 million already in the pipeline. This is to be spread rather thinly between Rhyl and Colwyn Bay and other places. In November last year I asked residents of Rhyl town centre how they would like our share of the money to be used, and this is what they said:

1. The ghastly derelict building on the corner of Abbey Street and Aquarium Street (pictured above) needs to be demolished, it is shaming the whole of Rhyl. Residents would be happy just to see a space there instead. If something has to be built in its place, we would prefer a maritime museum, an evening & day centre for youngsters, a day centre for the elderly - certainly not a block of flats.

2. The same comments apply to the derelict (burnt out) building which has stood in West Parade, opposite the Sky Tower, for many years.

3. A skating rink would be very welcome, and especially an ice skating rink. At present, Rhyl kids have to go to a Flintshire council rink on Deeside. This is too far and therefore too expensive a journey for the poorer families in the town centre and west end. A central location such as the Queens Market site in West Parade would be ideal.

4. Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) should be replaced by homes to buy under a shared ownership scheme. This was proposed some years ago by Rhyl West Community Property Association. The scheme, which involved no element of renting, gave the community a controlling interest in the property to prevent it from being taken by a landlord or sub-let.

In addition, residents expressed enthusiasm for clearing spaces wherever possible, planting trees and improving street lighting. Restoration of the Town Hall was suggested, and there was a call for some landscaping around the Registry Office in Marsh Road.