Thursday, 20 August 2009


CemeteryThis plot of land in Morley Road was Rhyl’s first cemetery. It opened in 1859 and quickly filled up. Dyserth Road cemetery opened in 1891, thereafter no burials took place at Morley Road except in existing graves (and this stopped in the 1930s).

For more details of Morley Road and Dyserth Road cemeteries and other local burial places please click on the following link:

Morley Road cemetery became a park in the late 1960s and there were subsequent improvements. It reopened as Morley Road Gardens in 2006. Now the place is in the news because police have been given the power to disperse gangs of alcoholics in there and under railway arches.

Close to trouble spots is the £multi-million SOVA ‘Dewi Sant’ Day Centre that we were told would keep drinkers, drug addicts and vagrants off the streets. Projects like this can be a waste of money. They are largely ineffective, sometimes counter-productive, and should be scrapped in favour of building mental hospitals again.