Sunday, 16 August 2009


RhylForyd Harbour RhylTwo more examples of work by Robert Evans Hughes: a painting of Foryd Harbour, and a logo which he designed for amateur drama group Rhyl Liberty Players. In the 1950s and ‘60s Bob made a tremendous impact on the arts scene around here. In 1970 he died peacefully at his home in Queen Street, and in 1988 in Rhyl Library’s gallery there was a retrospective exhibition of his works.

In the exhibition notes, fellow local artist Kay Johansson said, “He overcame the disability of colour blindness by learning to mix paint mechanically by measured amounts, carefully noting the names of the colours on the tubes in case of error.” According to Kay, his favourite haunts were his studio in Bedford Street and Bob Piper’s picture framing and artists shop in Water Street.

My thanks to Bill Ellis, Peter Hollis and Lynda Waggett for other information about Robert Evans Hughes.