Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Last Wednesday I posted the picture (TOP) and said that the shapes and textures caught my eye as I turned a corner from a town centre street on to a main road. The scene is north of the railway line, so where is it?

Well, the first correct answer came from Gareth Morris who says, “The ornate porch belongs to a building called Epworth Lodge in Brighton Road near junction with Bath Street. Epworth Lodge was occupied recently by the Probation Service but is now empty. I worked in the building from 1971 to 1974 when it housed Aled Rural District Council; they moved there from the now Citizens Advice offices in Water Street. The Clerk to Aled Rural District Council was the late W. Brookes Parry, a solicitor who had his offices in Market Street.”

Thank you, Gareth. Such a shame to see Epworth Lodge and the Bath Street Methodist Church next door lying derelict. I hope that a buyer turns up soon.