Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Holborn RestaurantLast Wednesday I posted the photograph of upper storeys of a town centre shop and asked what is the shop and where is it and what kind of business operated in the building half a century ago.

The answers: It is Classic Colour Centre (paints and wallpapers) at 17 Wellington Road. Half a century ago, as the old advert shows, the building was the home of Holborn Restaurant which could seat up to 500 and may have been the largest Rhyl restaurant of its time.

First to tell me the answers was regular contributor Gaynor Williams who promises to let me borrow more old Rhyl pictures from her collection in due course.

MON 5th JUN 2017 UPDATE: Sometimes a restaurant calls itself a café (or vice versa) to annoy historians. This 1930 invoice from Holborn Café is for a party of 20 adults & 10 children for a grand total of £1.7s 6d, just over £82 in today’s money.


The following names are added here for indexing purposes: F. Spencer, Samuel Stubbs, F. Belcher.

PS: 17 Wellington Road is now a charity shop run by YMCA.