Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Here are pictures taken from the elbow of Edward Henry Street looking towards the sea, about 100 years apart.

The older image is from the collection of Ann Hayes; it shows guest houses like the one where the painter L.S. Lowry (‘matchstick men’) stayed with his Mum in the 1920s and ‘30s. Lowry drew Edward Henry Street and sketched Foryd Harbour. The photo appears to have been taken from the middle of the road – far too precarious an angle these days!

The colour picture was taken today by Yours Truly standing safely on the pavement outside what used to be No.14 which has been demolished to make a car park for the refurbished Nos. 16-18 (front left of photo). The refurbished houses are for starter business units and a community facility. Nearly all the other buildings in the street belong to Clwyd Alyn Housing Association.

Over the years I’ve heard differing versions of why the street is named after someone called Edward Henry. The truth is out there somewhere . . .


MON 30th MAR 2015 UPDATEThe following Lowry drawing shows Edward Henry Street as observed from the West Parade end (1929):

Below is an example of a Lowry drawing/sketch of Foryd Harbour, titled Boats At Rhyl (1926):

Foryd harbour

WED 7th DEC 2016 UPDATE: The following Lowry is labelled 'pencil drawing Rhyl Harbour (1924)'

At the time of the above two drawings of the harbour Mr. Lowry would have looked rather as in the image below. It is a self portrait in oils, dated 1925 when he was 37. I can easily imagine him walking around in Rhyl: