Saturday, 1 August 2009


Rhyl Journal printing worksThe picture at the top was taken a couple of weeks ago in the mid-summer rain by Yours Truly because the Halifax building in Russell Road has a bit of history. Once upon a time the Rhyl Journal was produced there.

Of the image in the middle, ex-Journal employee/Royal Opera House singer George Owen says, “Here’s a shot of the Halifax building taken in 1903 shortly after it opened as a purpose-built printing works.

“The other picture was taken in 1951 when a new Cossar printing press was installed. I think the only printer in this shot who is still with us is 94-year-old Ted Hewitt who is the one in the centre with dark hair and moustache. He emigrated to Australia in 1965 with his wife Joan now 88. Ted has been in touch recently; if any others in the picture are still about it would be good to hear from them.

“The firm was taken over in 1969 and production of the paper moved to Oswestry.”

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