Monday, 3 August 2009


Here are more unusual Rhyl postcards from Ann Hayes of Ruthin, both by the splendid photographer Rae Pickard who was very active in the resort a hundred years ago.

Ann says: “These two cards of dog kennels are a mystery. One is to Harry and his wife for Christmas and New Year from "your old friend Noel W. Taylor"; the other is to Amy and her brothers (I presume same family) with a PS saying "How is my cat?" I would think Noel is the gentleman in the picture and I hope that isn't a whip in his hand!”

Ann has labelled the lower picture ‘Rhyl Dogs’. The word Rhyl works well as an adjective. Rhyl dogs, for instance, would be noisier and more unruly than your average dogs and – let’s see – Rhyl golf would be a game wherein you creep up behind your opponent and hit him with a club.