Tuesday, 7 July 2009


This picture came by email from Tom Vincent in Australia. Thanks Tom! He is shown in August 1943 in Rhyl, outside the Pier Amphitheatre (later known as the Gaiety Theatre). He had been evacuated to St. Asaph from London where the bombing was fierce.

Tom says, ‘My sister and I used to go with others on the bus to Rhyl every couple of weeks. I remember that we used to have peanut butter on an ice cream cone because there was no ice cream.’ Tom paid a roving photographer 8 pence for the picture.

‘I live at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Arrived here in January 1949 when I was almost 11. Came with my Dad, Mum, sister aged 12, younger brother who was 2. My Dad and Mum had a further four children once we got here, must be the warm weather.’

Tom would like to renew correspondence with Mrs. Gwyneth Smith, daughter of the lady with whom he and his sister stayed in St Asaph. If anyone knows her whereabouts please let me know and I'll sort the matter. My email address is:

WED 17th JAN 2018 UPDATE: Very recently acquired is this unused postcard showing a nice clear view of the Amphitheatre or "Amphi".

Billie Manders

FRI 20th JUL 2018 UPDATE: Further examples of roving shots or 'walking photos'. These are dated 1952 and they star an unrelated lad named Keith coming from the direction of Rhyl Pavilion.

Not sure whether "Very Windy" refers to the weather or Keith.

FRI 16th NOV 2018 UPDATE: Another example, an August 1954 photo of a mother with two little girls out for a stroll on the prom, probably near John Street.
So much nostalgia in these pics.

In the background: Crosville Booking Office and Parker's Cafe.