Monday, 26 October 2009


Our first lifeboat was the Gwylan-y-Mor which was on station 1852-56, followed by Morgan until 1893, then Caroline Richardson (the first) until 1897 and then the one shown above, Caroline Richardson II, which served until 1939.

The larger picture above is from Rhyl History Club Community Archive and is wrongly dated 1890 (7 years before the boat went on service). Circa 1900 would be a better guess. The man standing on the boat is Joseph Hughes the coxswain who did the steering and was in charge of the crew from 1898 to 1921.

Joseph had six sons in the lifeboat service, too. They were fishermen deeply involved in maritime matters.


WED 1st MAR 2017 UPDATE: The photo below is circa 1920. It shows Caroline Richardson II outside the lifeboat house east of the pier. Caroline Richardson II and the lifeboat house both entered service in 1897.

That was our second lifeboat house. The first was a shed established in 1852 at the Foryd by the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society. Here is a picture of it from the book ‘Rhyl Lifeboats 1852-2002: 150 years of gallantry’ by Jeff Morris.

TUE 25th DEC 2018 UPDATE: Caroline Richardson II launch, the lifeboat is about to be uncoupled from horses that dragged it over the sands to the sea. This image is from a card postmarked 1907 -