Wednesday, 18 March 2015


These photographs were taken yesterday near the top of John Street by Yours Truly.

As first mentioned on this blog six years ago, residents of Rhyl West expressed enthusiasm for the idea of clearing spaces. One of the problems in the west end was that it felt like an inner city area, and the biggest patches of green were the vicars' gardens!

The present, unfinished environmental improvement scheme affecting Abbey Street to John Street tries to address that problem and to reduce the over-supply of rented flatlets and bedsits in the old holiday district.

Rhyl Life applauds this scheme. It is a pity that the pot of money for it is not big enough for a larger version. If the new green space is properly managed and maintained it would be a handsome addition to the neighbourhood.

A nagging doubt lingers over the creation of new accommodation by Pennaf/Clwyd Alyn Housing Association. What kind will it be?

There would be no point in creating general purpose flats for unemployed people of working age in a ward where the unemployment rate is four times higher than the UK national average. That kind of accommodation should be built in other towns where there are more work opportunities.

The townscaping has involved demolition and raised a lot of dust. Some householders nearby have been offered the opportunity of having their properties washed down. I hope they remember to close their windows.



By all accounts the musician Mike Peters is a nice guy and has done some good in Rhyl. I wouldn’t want to knock the man even though his music sounds perfectly horrid to me.

There was some genuine surprise when he was chosen as one of three heroes of whom statues were made for Pont y Ddraig, the new pedestrian/ cyclist bridge at Foryd Harbour. I received emails about this.

Some people of the past who made massive contributions to development of Rhyl, such as Townshend Mainwaring in the 19th century and Albert Barnes in the 20th century, to name but two, are still un-commemorated. So why did Mike Peters get chosen?

Mr. Peters is a cancer survivor and a campaigner for better cancer care. Was that the reason he was chosen as one of Rhyl's three all-time heroes?

Did the public do the choosing or was it a choice by unelected council officers? Did local politicians have influence in the matter?
I have no idea.

Contacts tell me this week's Journal carries an advert on behalf of Chris Ruane MP’s candidature for The Labour Party in the forthcoming General Election. The advert's text includes statements of support for Mr. Ruin from  among others  Mr. Peters. 

SUN 16th SEP 2018 UPDATE: Alun Ll. Jones accuses me of being biased against Mike Peters. Biased? Moi?
Alun found a Mike Peters DVD set 'The Story Of The Alarm' for auction on Internet and urged me to bid for it.
I wouldn’t go as far as to bid, Alun, I might win! But I am happy to reproduce the case below for posterity and as proof – if proof were needed – of the inclusive nature of Rhyl Life.

Concert at Rhyl Town Hall

Concert at Rhyl Town Hall

This is a 2-DVD set filmed in concert in 2001 at Rhyl Town Hall and published in 2003 by Mr. Peters’ own company, The Alarm Worldwide Touring & Information Service, of Prestatyn.