Friday, 18 December 2009


Clarendon SchoolA reader has enquired about Clarendon School. This wasn’t in Rhyl, it was a private boarding school at Kinmel Hall, St. George near Abergele. The hall is shown above.

MON 21st DEC 2009 UPDATE: Mrs. Jean Bray (was Ross) has lived in Bodelwyddan for 82 years and comes to Rhyl shopping.
Mrs. Bray says Kinmel Hall was a Quaker girls' school and then, before World War 2, it became a private school for boys.
She adds that during the war Kinmel Hall was a convalescent home for soldiers of higher ranks.
She confirms that after World War 2 it was Clarendon School for girls.
Thank you, Mrs. Bray.

SUN 21st JUN 2015 UPDATE: Here is a picture of Kinmel Hall as Clarendon School for girls on a card posted 1954:

Clarendon started in 1898 in Worcestershire. Twenty Pickfords vans moved the school to Kinmel Hall in April 1948 and there it stayed until 1975 when a fire forced another move. Eventually, Clarendon ended up merged with the co-educational Monkton Combe School in Bath.

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Here is a differing use of Kinmel Hall. The card below postmarked 1930 and the contemporary advert show it as the Rheuma Spa:

TUE 29th AUG 2017 UPDATE: From Rheuma Spa days, a shot of the Chinese Hall on a card postmarked 1938.

Chinese Hall

SUN 7th OCT 2018 UPDATE: From Kinmel Hall's days as a private school for boys, the 1932 advert below tells us that it operated under the name 'Kinmel School'.
At that time the chairman of the school's council was Rt. Hon. Lord Teynham (presumably Baron Teynham) and the headmaster was Mr. R.A. Gordon Cane, B.Sc.

[I love the idea of a headmaster named Mr. Cane.]

The illustration in the school advert seems to be from this picture postcard: