Sunday, 1 May 2016


Last Sunday I posted the right-hand-sides of two postcards: the upper one postmarked 1973, the lower looking 1950s. The question: Which is a Rhyl picture - the upper one or the lower or both or neither?
The answer: The upper one.
Here are the postcards in full. The upper one is Derbyshire Miners' Holiday Centre, Rhyl. The lower is Rainford's Camp, Gronant near Prestatyn:

Also I posted a photo labelled 1973 but it may have been just a shade earlier. The question: Where in Rhyl is the bus standing?
The answer: Bodfor Street.
Here is a slightly wider view of the picture, that's Costigan's on your left:

Snow Goose Ices

Incidentally, Snow Goose Ices was the 'own brand' of Rhyl Amusements Ltd. It was sold at the fun fair and wholesaled to other outlets.

You needed correct answers to both questions to score 1 win. Only Richard & Ceri Swinney managed that feat!

So with 25 more weeks to go before the end of the quiz the regular players stand as follows:
The Great Gareth 81, Jane Shuttle 72, Richard & Ceri Swinney 61, Sue Handley 56 and Dilys Bagnall 32. 
Well done if you doing half as well!

FRI 9th NOV 2018 UPDATE: Here is another old pic of Rainford's Camp, Gronant . . .


Below you will find more Gronantry, all undated.

Gronant - general view

Gronant - Shore Road

Gronant with Coed Bell woods in foreground

Regarding Coed Bell, please note that's the Welsh LL and not pronounced bell as on front door. The phrase Coed Bell translates as the trees far away or trees over yonder.
In there is a woodland cemetery which –  if all goes to plan –  should be my final resting place but I'm not ready to go yet. Don't rush me.