Sunday, 21 February 2016



Last Sunday I posted this drawing of Rhyl Pavilion by J.A. Elliott-Jones. It looks as if it dates from early days of the Pavilion, possibly before World War 1. The question: Was the artist facing north, east, south or west?
The answer: North.
The drawing shows the front of the Pavilion which, strangely enough, was illustrated less often than views from the sides.

Also I posted the drawing below of a scene near Foryd Harbour by J.A. Elliott-Jones.
Click on it to see a bigger version.

The question: Was the artist facing north, east, south or west?

The answer: South or East.
Either answer was acceptable. To view those buildings including the Packet Inn at the junction of West Parade and Quay Street, from across the estuary, you would be facing South East.


Scoring 1 win for the Pavilion and/or 1 win for the other answer: Dilys Bagnall 1, The Great Gareth 2, Jane Shuttle 2, Sue Handley 2.

For 'artist'  read 'original artist or photographer'. Thanks to Sue Handley and Bill Ellis (both alumni of Glyndwr School, Rhyl) I can report that in late 1950s/ early '60s Mr. Elliott-Jones was an art teacher there.
So he was copying from old pictures and could have been facing in any direction!

Mr. Elliott-Jones self-published some drawings including the two above, and some are on display in the permanent collection of the museum at Rhyl Library.

SAT 17th NOV 2018 UPDATE: Below is another drawing by J.A. E-J. This one is of the western promenade and appears to be copied from a photograph, perhaps with artistic licence. The drawing appears on a card postmarked 1946.

The Pavilion's dome certainly gave artists some problems.