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Prince's International Circus, Rhyl Pavilion, 1955

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Prince's Royal International Circus, 1956
The word Royal may refer to sea lions!

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Above: The Royal Sea Lions and June; Tom, Dick and 'Arry with Jack Dale (clowns); Dumarte & Denzer; Broncho the comedy horse; Lions trained by Captain Sydney Howes;  Lucken's  Liberty Ponies (Shetland ponies); Digger Pugh's girls as The Wallabies (tumblers); The Amazing Maurices (trapeze act).
Among other names in 1956 programme are:
Keefe Brothers & Annette (balancers); Evelyn's coloured pigeon phantasy; Sam Linfield & his Crazy Scouts; The Kamtoi Company (Chinese acrobats); Pat Somers (cat impersonator);  Monkeys trained by Jack Klette; Freddy, Tommy & Co. (fighters); Walter's famous comedy dogs; and The Alexis Troupe (acrobats).
The mayhem was accompanied warily by the Prince's Circus Orchestra conducted by Eugene Auld.

And here is a trophy from the 1958 season, an autograph of The Sensational Shermans 

I wonder what their speciality was. Does anybody know?

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