Friday, 24 March 2017


Rhyl Life will not be covering in depth the council elections that take place soon, but here are a few tips:

1. This time round, voting Conservative would not be a good idea. It might encourage Tory Brextremists in Westminster who would drag us out of the EU at any cost regardless of damage to Wales.

2. On a local level, beware of Rhyl Labour Party's poor record in keeping the town up to standard and their tendency to claim credit for big schemes that are little or nothing to do with them.

3. Consider voting for Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales - even if you have never done so before. Plaid is the ONLY political party based entirely in Wales and it works on behalf of everybody who lives here.

4. In the absence of Plaid see if you can find a Lib Dem or Independent candidate worthy of your support.




Photo of Nicola Sturgeon © Reuters

Watching TV coverage of Scottish National Party's Spring Conference 2017, I was moved by the passion and positivism of speeches by Nicola Sturgeon (leader) and others.
Good luck to the Scottish National Party in their bid to gain a second referendum on independence; they should keep at it until they get the result they want.
Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood has a vision of Britain becoming four independent countries in loose alliance instead of the present UK in which England can and does force its will on the rest of us.

SUN 7th OCT 2018 UPDATE: This month, tens of thousands of people marched in Edinburgh in support of Scottish independence. There is much enthusiasm for the idea  especially if the United Kingdom goes ahead and leaves the European Union.

Scottish independence rally, October 2018 ©

If I had three wishes, the first would be for a united Ireland. It seems crazy to have the island of Ireland divided into two countries by an imaginary border.
My second wish would be for an independent Scotland with its own seat in the EU, and my third wish would be for Wales to break its allegiance to England and form an alliance with Scotland.