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In previous posts I said that the old Pavilion "faced a little to the east of Edward Henry Street"; "was between Water Street and Edward Henry Street"; and "near Edward Henry Street".
In 2018 the following image was on auction, illustrating precisely where the Pavilion was in relation to EHS, i..e. just round the corner!

On the subject of auction items, how about this splendid vintage aerial view of the pier:

At shore end of the pier is rear of the original wooden Pier Amphitheatre ("The Amphi") which in early 1920s was rebuilt in brick.



On Monday 17th December 2018 the pub named The Wellington (formerly Liverpool Arms) in Wellington Road, Rhyl, was closed down by court order because it was unhygienic and posed a health risk to the public.
I would have said the same about some of its customers.

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