Monday, 1 March 2010


Recent mention of Rhyl resident Vivian Hewitt brought a flurry of enquiries. Mr. Hewitt is shown above in 1912 in a ceremony outside Rhyl Pavilion after being first to fly an aircraft across The Irish Sea to Dublin.

Rhy Town Band mentioned above was a forerunner of Rhyl Silver Band.

For further information about this pioneer you could no better than consult the book ‘Modest Millionaire: the biography of Captain Vivian Hewitt’ by William Hywel (published by Gwasg Gee of Denbigh, 1973). The book is out of print but should be available from libraries.

WED 18th NOV 2015 UPDATE: The following has turned up for sale on Internet – the complete picture from which the above detail was taken. It shows more clearly that the location is Rhyl Pavilion. Note the signature.
Click on it to see a bigger version.

THU 6th DEC 2018 UPDATE: With the Pavilion in background, here is another shot from Vivian Hewitt's 1912 ceremony/celebration. Monument on your right is South African War (Boer War) memorial now standing in Garden of Remembrance.

Below: Maximising the good publicity for Rhyl!