Saturday, 27 March 2010


Mr. Dafydd Timothy the proprietor of Siop y Morfa, 109 High Street, Rhyl, has announced that his shop closes down at the end of next week. Dafydd has been selling books and music in Welsh language, local history books, and clothes/fancy goods associated with Wales for 29 years (25 of them at the present address).

Out-of-town shopping, internet shopping and the ongoing Anglicising of Rhyl have all been a strain on Siop y Morfa; the recent economic crisis and bank squeeze have pushed the business over the edge. A lot could be said about local factors but readers of this blog know all about them.

As a third generation Rhylite from a non-Welsh speaking family, I shall miss the shop as a symbol of roots and counter-culture. Dafydd is keeping his business contacts and will continue trading on Internet sites.