Thursday, 11 March 2010


This photo is from a 1935 publication by Rhyl County School later renamed Rhyl Grammar School; a cheap printing process and the passage of time have taken their toll. Some of the most violent clashes I’ve ever witnessed on playing fields have taken place in girls’ hockey matches but the sporting ethos of fair play and healthy competition usually prevails.

[The girls' names are added here for indexing purposes: Enid Goddard, Renee Goddard, Betty Edwards, Eileen McKee, Dilys Gabriel, Joan Hollobon, Joyce Doran, Eirlys Williams, Alison Clark, Betty Siddall, Enid Davies, Olive Rowley.]

Early this year a Government survey revealed that competitive sports were going out of fashion among youngsters of school age. They seemed to favour other kinds of activities such as cheerleading, street/break dancing, yoga and circus skills.

Hmmmm, well in my old school we had a few clowns.