Sunday, 7 March 2010


KathleenThis item is from Peter Trehearn. The youngest child sitting on little seat in front row is one of Peter’s relatives, Anne-Marie. Other than that we have no information. Can anyone identify the May Queen and/or supply other details?

MON 26th APR 2010 UPDATE: There's a strong possibility that this is Rhyl's 1941 May Queen, Miss Kathleen Wilkins.

SAT 7th OCT 2017 UPDATE: Susan M. Brettle writes, “Late to the party as usual! I have just spotted your post from 2010 asking about the 1941 May Queen.
“Kathleen Wilkins was May Queen that year; she is my mother – now Kathleen Parsons. She is nearly 88 and living in Leicestershire. As a child I used to love putting on her May Queen crown (sadly lost after a number of house moves). Her best friend Doreen Jones was one of her maids; Doreen still lives in Rhyl and is active in Crown Green bowling in Prestatyn I think.
“Mom was the daughter of Alfred Wilkins & Jane T. Wilkins (known as Nurse Wilkins) who was often to be seen scooting round Rhyl on her bicycle. Jane owned a number of boarding houses; her brother Fred worked for the Co-op and was later postmaster at Vale Road Post Office, and her other brother Harry was in the Merchant Navy and later a painter & decorator.
“I was born in 1953 and spent most summers in Rhyl until starting school. There is still some family living in Rhyl to this day.
“I hope this is of interest.”

Indeed it is, Susan. Thank you.