Monday, 15 March 2010


The photograph of Kings Avenue at the top was sent by George Owen and must be over 100 years old; it was taken at the far end looking towards Wellington Road. The corresponding colour picture underneath, taken by Yours Truly, shows that the houses on the right haven’t changed much. The big difference is the prevalence of cars.

The Wellington Road end of Kings Avenue, opposite Kings Surgery (Dr. Landon) is a notorious pavement parking spot. Pedestrians with a lot of shopping, mums with prams or pushchairs, and wheelchair users from the old folks’ flats round the corner, get forced off the pavement onto the road because of this kind of parking.

I’ve been complaining about this hazardous situation for 8 years. If residents in this part of town were comparatively wealthy instead of comparatively poor an answer to the problem might have been found long ago.


WED 30th JUN 2010 UPDATE: Early yesterday morning, a police officer took action against pavement parking (see photo below). Now we need a permanent barrier so that pedestrians in Kings Avenue can be as safe as in other streets.