Thursday, 18 March 2010


Above are images of Queen’s Palace, West Parade. The first was sent by Diana & Berwyn Jones; the other is a dramatic drawing from Rhyl History Club Community Archive and shows the dome falling the wrong way.

The following pic is from my own collection, a card postmarked 1907. This shows the damage to the Queens Arcade (to your left of Queen's Palace) after the dome fell on it.

Queen’s Palace opened on August 1st 1902 and operated only during summer seasons. The ballroom on the ground floor was said to be big enough for 2,000 couples; the theatre upstairs was luxurious.

There were fun fair-style rides and sideshows in the basement and roof gardens where you might have seen Wild Man from Borneo or Saccho the Fasting Man. The latter was summonsed for not paying for meals supplied to him by a local caterer during a 'forty days fast'.

The business lasted only five years before being terminated by a fire but the building itself was not destroyed beyond repair. Eventually the ground floor and first floor came back into use under new management.

SUN 5th MAR 2017 UPDATE: Recently the following pictures came to hand showing the destruction of the Queens Arcade.