Monday, 8 March 2010


Here are more undated images.

The Garden of Remembrance picture would be c.1950 and is taken from an interesting angle, possibly from an upstairs window of Colet House (now St. David's Residential Home).

The illuminations postcard may date from 1950s/60s when you could put nice things on the prom without getting them wrecked by kids and drunks.

The birds remind me that Rhyl is said to have had a roadsweeper who went about his duties with a parrot on his shoulder. Can anyone amplify on this point?!

SUN 9th OCT 2016 UPDATE: Dilys Bagnall recalls a council worker who used to go to work with a parrot on his shoulder. His name was Jock and he was not a roadsweeper, he was a binman. The parrot was an African Grey named Chico and it went to Dilys in 1979 when Jock was unable to look after it anymore.

Chico sulked at first because it was not used to being in a cage but eventually started its repertoire which Dilys says included imitating other birds and animals, and conversing with itself in a strong Irish accent with lots of extremely bad language!

Dilys suspects that the bad language may have been picked up at the pub where Jock was a regular, the Windsor on corner of Kinmel Street and Windsor Street. Chico was eventually handed over to a man who owned an aviary.

MON 6th MAR 2017 UPDATE: Another shot of the illuminations, this time featuring penguins (with top hats, of course) and a pair of what I take to be choir boys.

SUN 20th MAY 2018 UPDATE: Recently arrived here at Jones Towers is the following amateur snap dated 1954 showing part of the illuminations in daytime.

Left to right we have Prince Charming on his horse, two ugly (step-)sisters, the clock about to chime midnight, and Cinderella rushing from ballroom leaving a glass slipper that the Prince will find.