Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Last Wednesday I posted larger versions of the photographs at the top and asked, Where was I standing when I took the photos?

The answers: (a) Donald Avenue looking across Rhuddlan Road towards Holland Park Drive; and (b) Oxford Grove looking towards Kings Avenue.

If you got one answer right you went in the hat; if you got both right you went in the hat twice! You readers frighten me sometimes: six of you got both right.

This week’s winner is Ceri Swinney. That’s two in a row for Ceri.

My pal Jill held the hat and the winner was drawn by Haydn Greenow who is minister/pastor at Oasis Christian Centre (formerly Apostolic Church) in Sisson Street. He was born in Herefordshire and lived in Suffolk before moving his family to Rhyl in 2006.

Haydn produces photographs and greetings cards from which a percentage of the proceeds go to caring and support of orphanages in Latvia and Romania. They are on sale at RhylCreate’s Gallery 36 at 36 Kinmel Street, Rhyl and via the following web site: