Monday, 1 March 2010


Last week’s local newspapers front-paged the tussle that has been going on for some time at Little Theatre, Vale Road. The present leaseholders have been in dispute with landlords Denbighshire County Council.

The council took the view that the leaseholders had not maintained the premises properly and should not be given a renewed lease. Concerns were raised about health and safety, fire safety, lack of repairs and even the standard of child protection.

A couple of weeks ago the leaseholders took the council to court and won the right to a further 12 year lease provided that £14,500 of repair work is carried out within six months.

If they fail to complete the work, what would be the consequence? Most likely the council would seek new leaseholders. Other parties have expressed an interest in taking over running the theatre.


SUN 11th APR 2010 UPDATE: This week’ edition of The Journal indicates that the leaseholders have stayed in place but says actor /producer /director/tutor Keith Bisset has been appointed Director.