Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Last Wednesday I posted the photograph above (top) and asked: What monarch is commemorated in the name given to this place?

Answer: King George V.
The picture was taken near the Vale Road entrance to the playing field that is now generally known as Coronation Gardens plural.

This week’s winner is Jane Shuttle, and it’s Jane’s third win.

The winner was drawn from hat by George Owen who has contributed many pictures to this site and is an occasional quiz entrant. George used to be a Rhyl Journal print worker and is presently a tenor singer in the chorus at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. He is President of Rhyl South West Central Residents’ Association based at Botanical Gardens, Grange Road.


At present the Rhyl Life quiz championship table is as follows:
The Great Gareth is leading the field with 6 wins; The Legendary Lloyd & Kerry are hot on his heels with 5; and Gaynor Williams and Jane Shuttle share third position with 3 each. George Owen and Ceri Swinney have 2 each, and seven readers have 1 each: Phil Hughes, Mike Demack, Moira Evans, Diana & Berwyn Jones, Pauline Hammans, Lynn Roberts and Jacqui Bell.