Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Recent visitors here at Jones Towers fell into conversation about shops of the past and the range of produce available and the quality of service. They had in mind businesses such as those above.

At the top is a 1960s photograph of Waterworths Market, Wellington Road, in a run-up to Christmas. The colour photo is said to be from the 1980s and shows Espley’s Pork Butchers, 28 Sussex Street. Both pictures are from Rhyl History Club Community Archive.


WED 16th NOV 2009 UPDATE: A reader has been in touch to enquire about the location of Waterworths Market, Wellington Road. So it seems that there were two, and to add to confusion they were both on same side of Wellington Road.

The one in the photograph was at No.6 (near High Street) where these days you would find The Wedding Centre.

Bill Ellis says that the other was at No.38, now a derelict branch of the plant hire chain HSS Hire. Bill remembers fondly Mrs. Nevitt of Marsh Road who worked for Waterworths at this location for many years.