Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Here is a cheerful school pic from Steven Cookson. The date is 1967/68, the place is Emmanuel School, Rhyl, and below is Steven’s Who’s Who.

Left to right:
Back row:-Mrs. Benbow (formerly Miss Lloyd), Don't know, John Barton, David Lloyd, Don't know, Simon Hughes, Graham Bennet, Don't know, Don't know, Steven Stocks, Miss Loveridge.

2nd row of girls:-Don't know, Karen Williams, Claire Pickering, Cheryl Morris, Don't know, Jenny Ingram, Babra Campbell, Gaynor Penlington, Michelle Jones, Michelle Ellis, Beverly Smith, Bronia Parry.

1st row of girls:-Debbie Roberts, Susan Conway, Don't know, Don't know, Don't know, Debbie Dean?, Julia Williams, Don't know.

Front row:-Don't know, Tony Barlow, Don't know, Andy Jones, Steven Cookson - the lad himself, Phil Cook, Andy Riley, Don't know, Graham Roose, Nick Price?, Richard Roberts.

That’s a fair crop of names remembered after more than 40 years.
Well done, Steve!