Sunday, 1 November 2009


A few days ago in the Daily Post, a story by reporter Martin Williams indicated that the proposed Ocean Plaza development on the former Ocean Beach Fun Fair site is in deep trouble. The company behind the scheme (Modus) has gone bust, and so far no other company wants to take over the project or buy the land for other purposes.

I never liked the idea of 200 new flats, one or more new pubs, and more shops; there was something a bit 1980s about the scheme. Interesting that Modus implied for months that the Rhyl project was ‘free standing’ and would not be affected by the company’s financial problems.

In Rhyl we are used to being told lies. For example, the company that installed the first electricity-generating turbines in the sea between Rhyl and Prestatyn told us that the turbines would be “barely visible to the naked eye”. When it comes to being economical with truth, the world of politics has nothing to compare with the world of business.

Note: The proposed Ocean Plaza development was replaced by Marina Quay.