Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Since Denbighshire County Council took over the administration of Rhyl in mid 1990s it has become apparent that the county has difficulties in the field of education.

Following inspectors' reports, special measures had to be taken to sort some schools. When a vacancy occurred for Chief Executive of the council the job went to Dr. Mohammed Mehmet partly because of his experience in education.

Neverthless, recent moves to combine sixth forms in Rhyl and a proposal to merge the secondary schools, have not been welcomed universally - and now we hear that our public library services are to be cut.

Less than 12 months ago there was a successful public campaign to save Rhuddlan Library from closure, and some years ago there was an unsuccessful campaign to try and get Rhyl Library to break its antiquated habit of closing at 12.30 on Saturdays.

The struggle to maintain basic front-line educational services seems never-ending and it shouldn't be like this. Rhyl Library is in the county ward of Rhyl West, recognised to be an area of deprivation. Library cuts have a serious impact. Poorer families can't afford to buy books and computers.

There can be no justification for cutting library services in Rhyl West.