Monday, 2 November 2009


Mystery shipA message has been received from Flight Lieutenant Paul Roberts, commanding officer of Air Cadets in Rhyl, who says:

“I grew up in Abergele and recall getting the bus to Rhyl with my parents regularly in the mid 1960s. When passing the Foryd harbour I saw a sailing ship that seemed to be there for a few months at least. It looked to me like a small HMS Victory tied up by the harbour wall (where the new boatstore is now). The ship was black and white, and I would guess it was approximately 80 feet long with the masts being a lot taller than any other boats moored there. I would love to know what the ship was, what it was called and what it was doing in Rhyl.”

Above is a photo sent in by Glenn Mitchell showing on the left the ship in question – thanks, Glenn. Can anyone provide more info? Please send email to: