Thursday, 12 November 2009


RhylRita Landi is centre of front row in the picture above; the pendant that she and some of the choir members are wearing was a memento of their festival success in Madrid.

One singer to receive tuition from Miss Landi at an early age and eventually become professional was Faith Puleston Jones (mezzo-soprano) who studied at Royal Academy of Music and then went to sing opera in Germany and retired recently.

Choir regulars mentioned in 1950s press cuttings include: Mrs. Morris Jones, Miss Edith Jones, Mrs. M. Singleton, Mrs. Dorothy Lomas, Mrs. Bryn Evans, Maureen Robinson ALCM ATCL, Miss Gwladys Jones, Mrs. Katharine Banks and Mrs. D.W. Jones (chairman of the choir).

Miss Landi retired in 1963. Nearly 70 past and present members of the choir turned up at a farewell dinner. She went to live in Sussex and made one or two return visits to the Rhyl district.

George Owen recalls the children's choir taking part in a recording at Gwrych Castle and the music being on the soundtrack of a film about champion boxer Randolph Turpin who was training there with sparring partners such as Derek Weale from Rhyl.

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