Sunday, 22 November 2009


Rhyl Open Air Bathing Pool, BathsRhyl likes things to do. Enthusiastic feedback about activities such as roller skating and swimming is evidence of this.

The Open-Air Bathing Pool known as 'The Baths' operated from 1930s to 1970s. The advert above is from the official tourist guide book of 1948.

The black-and-white photo is from Rhyl History Club Community Archive and shows Rhyl Amateur Swimming Club at The Baths in 1967.
Left to right:
Standing at the back : Jim Smith, Don't know, Al Mutch, Billy Moffatt and Don't know.
Sitting in front: Paula Smith, Don't know, Margaret Stewart, Maurice Cotterill and Don't know.

Who knows the Don't knows? Please send your identifications to:


TUE 25th AUG 2015 UPDATE: Just arrived here at Jones Towers is this 1960s shot of The Baths:

FRI 24th JUN 2016 UPDATE: Roy Dowell reports that the Don’t know between Jim Smith and Al Mutch looks like Robert Armstrong. Roy and Robert were Scouts at 2nd Rhyl.

MON 15th MAY 2017 UPDATE: Roger Percival writes, "Just to help you with identification of the people in the (black-and-white) photo, the person next to Al Mutch on the right is my brother Frank Percival. Hope this is of help. I also think it is earlier than 1967 probably 1962 -3 or 4."
Thank you, Roger.