Friday, 20 November 2009


Arcville CollegeThe name of Arcville College has been mentioned a couple of times on this blog. In its earliest days Arcville must have been at the eastern end of Russell Road and seems to have been originally a girls' school.

The picture above (TOP) dates from 1918 and shows a bunch of mainly miserable Arcville girls in fancy dress – proof that there is nothing more depressing than enforced jollity. Christmas & New Year party enthusiasts please note.

In the mid 1940s Arcville College was bought by a Mrs. M.I. Pearson; by that time it was at 87 Russell Road. Mrs. Pearson also bought the Poplars Preparatory School, St. Margaret's Drive and moved the Poplars pupils to Arcville.

The colour picture shows 87 Russell Road as it is today: Dolanog private care home for the elderly.


MON 12th OCT 2015 UPDATE: Found on Internet an Arcville College advertisement dated 1947.
Click on it to read the small print.