Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Rhyl Youth Action Group RYAG

The new building above is on corner of Elwy Street and Wellington Road. It is receiving finishing touches, having been started as long ago as 2009 by the former Rhyl Youth Action Group (RYAG).

RYAG was funded principally by the charitable organisation The Prince of Wales Trust and by Welsh Government to a total of about three quarters of a million pounds.

For reasons never explained publicly the group disappeared leaving the community with an unfinished building that has been an eyesore for years and with flats tenanted by young offenders.

Now, ownership of the building has fallen into the hands of Pennaf/Clwyd Alyn. [This company's creeping monopoly of property ownership in Rhyl West ought to be the subject of a public inquiry.]

Public money has been used to complete the building and there it stands looking for all the world like a cinema . . . but nothing so potentially profitable would ever be contemplated.

As for RYAG, I have heard that one or two individuals involved in that disaster are dipping into the public purse for more projects.

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