Friday, 4 September 2015


A nice young lady in Morrisons, among the fruit and veg, asked when the paddling pool was built. The original paddling pool that is, captioned above as model yacht and paddling lake.

I presume it was built in early 1920s during a wave of improvements to the central part of the promenade, when the pier's wooden Amphitheatre was rebuilt in brick and the Coliseum was created (opened 1921).

Certainly the paddling pool existed by 1923; a previous post in this blog includes a picture taken there in that year. If anybody has further info about the paddling pool, please get in touch.

The image below shows what was in the location previously. Sand!

Years ago somebody told me the Pavilion was not built on the promenade, it was built over the beach on a specially-constructed platform adjoining the promenade. Hmmmm yes, looks likely.


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